Xbox 360 Review: Star Ocean 4 – The Last Hope

SO4 was a disappointing experience for me. As much as I loved the gameplay, the story felt like an absolute low point in the series leaving only the streamlined mechanics to carry me through. But as I’ve written about before, the freezes in the game conveniently step in to kill the experience at the worst moments. And this is from someone that actually didn’t think the ‘twist’ from Til the End of Time was bad. If you’re a Star Ocean fan like me, though, don’t expect this game to explain anything from SO3. It’s been reputedly said that this game takes place in a parallel dimension which is a convenient excuse to escape the corner that SO3’s version of events have painted its continuity with.

But I digress. SO fans, like me, will undoubtedly get more mileage out of this if only because of the combat and crafting systems. Newcomers might like it if only because it manages to keep things simple. Storywise, enter the vacuum with extreme caution.

You can catch my report to the SRF on how this mission turned out here.

These characters aren't saying these lines. It's who they've just rescued and it gets worse from there.

The story will test your hardcore love for anime inspired melodrama.


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