Seriously, Star Ocean: The Last Hope’s quality control can suck it, ‘kay?

I’m about to call it quits on this RPG. Aside from the awful dialogue and terrible story, it also reminds me of when I had to save and save often because of well known bugs that would kill the experience right at the worst possible moments…like after a boss fight. Not because I wanted to relive a cool moment from the game, but only out of a sense of self-preservation.

The first time it happened in this game was after a huge battle against a giant boss named Armaros (not a complete name, but that’s roughly who it is). Doing a search on Google to see if anyone else was having the same problems, it looks like it’s not all that uncommon to have it freeze around that point. That’s what happened to me. Armaros wasn’t a pushover until I found out what its weak point was. It’s also the kind of boss that likes to summon helpers to cause all sorts of misery for your party. After clocking in plenty of extra kills because of those, keeping the bonus board in one piece, and killing the boss, I was expecting a major payday in terms of experience…only to have the game FREEZE.

Wow, I haven’t seen an RPG like this kick me in the teeth since…oh wait, that’s right. Since the last Star Ocean did on the PS3 because the backwards compatibility did funny things to it.

I would have saved at a semi-regular interval, but whoever placed the save points must not have a very high opinion of gamers’ sanity.

And then there was the time when I spent an hour in a dungeon cleaning it out, opening all of the chests, and basically getting another frozen screen as a thank you for playing. Great.

One of the preconceived hallmarks of console titles is that bugs are as rare as pink elephants. Or, at least, said bugs are very well hidden and so innocuous as to not interfere with the actual gameplay or the player’s enjoyment of the same.

Of course gamers know better today thanks to the internet. There are buggy console titles out there, but not to the degree that PC players continually fill forums with whenever something doesn’t work…the recent episode with the DLC for Fallout 3, The Pitt, also comes to mind. But console games do enjoy the reputation for being dependable experiences without much to worry about on the technical side of things. Most of the time.

The last few RPGs that I’ve played on the 360…Tales of Vesperia, Infinite Undiscovery, Lost Odyssey…never froze up in the same way that Star Ocean seems to threaten my sanity with here.

I’m going to head back into the Last Hope, but probably not after swearing my lungs out before reminding myself that these are the same developers that gave us Valkyrie Profile.

The worst monsters in this game aren't the ones with hit points

The worst monsters in this game aren't the ones with hit points


2 responses to “Seriously, Star Ocean: The Last Hope’s quality control can suck it, ‘kay?

  1. I quit The Last Hope without ever being able to finish, and sold it on eBay. I gave up because I couldn’t get past the Armaros Manifest – every time I finished the battle, the game froze.

    And it wasn’t only that battle – there’s text that never disappears from people’s heads, thing that disappear and crashes during battle as well.

    Square-Enix lost the ability to make decent RPGs a while ago. The Last Remnant and this game are jokes with the number of bugs they have. Combined with what they did to the Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes project, I’ll be skipping Final Fantasy 13 and any other game they put out for quite a while.

    • It’s not tri-Ace’s best effort and I was really disappointed in how it turned out. At least the combat system was decent.

      But I still think FF13 will be good since it’s Square-Enix…and you know that it’s what they’ll be very focused on since it was FF that started on the road into becoming a JRPG juggernaut. Last Remnant didn’t draw me in, either, and I wish they’d revisit Chrono Trigger in an official capacity. And they even had “The Bouncer”, but whenever it’s an FF title, they always manage to pull out most of the stops. I would have also loved to see Crimson Echoes come out. I was watching that project, too, and it sucks that they had to Fox it like that. It really looked good, that team had a lot of talent.

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