Apologies to those that left comments…my spam filter was a little too aggressive

Many, many apologies to everyone that left comments (thanks!) but didn’t see them get added to the blog. The spam filter was a little too happy to lump in some of the legitimate comments with everything else. I usually ignore my spam filter because of how much crap is there, but I was surprised to see some comments captured so I’ve posted them up where they should go.

Also, I had a comment asking how to add the blog to their newsreader and the easiest answer I can come up with is to click on the Orange icon in the upper right corner of the blog which will take you to the Feedburner page my blog is listed on. Here it is in case you would like the link:


If you click on it, this should come up:

My Feedburner page

My Feedburner page

This is the top with news items listed below, but in the right-hand box you can see a listing of readers. If you have one of these, just click on the appropriate reader and it should add itself to your list. For example, for your Google homepage, you can add it there by clicking on the Google icon shown above if you’re logged into your page. I hope that helps out!

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