NecroVision in French

So I didn’t understand anything in the game, but that didn’t prevent me from trying out the recently pulled demo of Necrovision which was actually not bad. From what I was able to gather, the publisher asked that sites take the demo down because of a technical flaw with an official one to be released sometime this week, but I managed to snag a copy before EVERY site had pulled it. It’s all in French and it lays on a lot of story for an FPS in the form of tattered sheets of parchment scrawled over with the words of desperate men who are probably kibbled on the ground, or NPCs.

It takes place in WW1, or “the Great War”, somewhere…behind enemy lines? I’m not sure where, but it’s out there amidst a lot of angry Germans. But they’re the least of your worries. Apparently, there are vampires and other horrors, too, that want to kill you beneath the shadow of zeppelins and mortar fire, and how you fit into all of this isn’t clear. I guess that’s why you have to slaughter everything in your path to find out.

You can dual wield weapons in this game including machine guns, but you can also hold a melee item in one hand and a weapon in the other allowing you to stab and butcher while capping zombies in the head which is the only way they’ll stay down. Based off of a highly modified version of the Painkiller engine, it looks great and the action is just as crazy as it has ever felt. There’s even a mechanic in place that rewards melee attacks with health and a slo-mo view of your handiwork making it a compelling notion for players to explore if they can survive the number of bullets perforating them.

With its crazy emphasis on story in the game, and the crazy hard but fun action, I might actually want to pick this up.

The main character must have arms like Hulk Hogan in his prime.

The main character must have arms like Hulk Hogan in his prime.

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