Prince of Persia related: So ubisoft wants you to buy an ending?

Giantbomb (along with a few others) reports that Ubisoft has dropped word that they are going to be releasing DLC for the new Prince of Persia game that has made the rounds on consoles and PCs during the holiday season last year. It’s coming out on February 24th, right when Killzone 2 and a few other titles are making their big splash.

I have played through the game but haven’t had time to post a review on it yet. Suffice it to say, the way I feel about the ending depends on the perspective that I wanted to view it through. I’m leaning towards the “it sucks” angle because, quite frankly, being forced by the narrative into the fake choices that the Prince is being railroaded into never sat well with me. That was my big beef with how the ending went down…someone gave me a controller, but then directed me into a series of false choices. I couldn’t simply leave.

If it played out instead as sa cinematic with a few choices lines, perhaps a few flashbacks to get the floodgates going because the Prince is trying to resolve his decision with his own feelings, maybe I wouldn’t feel as bitter about how it played out. But there it is and so I left the game finished, wondering just what the next adventure was going to be like.

As if hearing the cries of both the critics and the fans over the ending, Ubisoft is releasing DLC oddly entitled “Epilogue”. As in ending. As in “here’s the REAL ending, sorry”.

Seriously Ubisoft? It couldn’t wait for the next game? It wasn’t as if word had come out that the ending sucked and was hitting their sales figures of 2.2m sold. Ubisoft did note that it was below their expectations for the title, but they can always blame it on the economy since game sales sagged across the board in any case.

I hope that this isn’t the opening cash salvo on a trend where designers start adding on key material as a pay-for-patch. Additional adventures, dungeons, characters, skins…I have no problem with that. But going back and then saying “Oh, here’s the Epilogue that was missing from the game, sorry for how it ended!” is like ripping the last few pages out from the book so that it might end in a cliffhanger…and then selling the ending for people that didn’t like it.

On one hand, it’s nice that Ubisoft is bringing this kind of attention to the story and realizes how important it is for players to enjoy it, but I also realize that if the game is strong enough it will stand on its own merits which I think it did. I was willing to accept it because the game leading up to that point was solid enough to be great. Offering this kind of DLC after the fact just feels weird.

Behind that door is the truth of what REALLY happened at the end.

Behind that door is the truth of what REALLY happened at the end.


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