So much legendary potential

I played through Spark Unlimited’s other offering, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, which cast you as an everyman trying to survive an alternate history where the Nazis won WW2 and are now invading the isolationist United States. Lots of awesome ideas packed into it and the CE even had a few choice pieces of fiction to peruse. Unfortunately, the gameplay was less than great and the story came far short to leave any lasting impression.

Now that I’m trying to catch up on my backlog, Legendary was next and I had been keeping an eye on this one when it had been known as “Legendary: The Box” before they dropped the “box” part of the title. Again, it promises the world with plenty of neat ideas squeezed into its adrenaline fed opening only to again come up short in the areas that matter most to gamers. The material is a lot more interesting than the gameplay which fails to deliver anything more basic than the usual FPS elements.

Before the museum burned to the ground, I managed to save my report on this adventure here.

Do you really want to follow whatever made this hole? Since this is a game, the answer is automatically "yes".

Unfortunately, Mr. Stay Puft didn't cause this.

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