EGM falls

So, that’s it then. Another magazine is shuttered  according to Joystiq.

EGM is a polarizing magazine depending on which forums you frequent. It’s been called an ad magnet, a harbor of biased reviews, or irrelevant sheets of beaten treebark in today’s increasingly digitized presscape. But one thing that no one can take away from it is that  it was one of the few major gaming publications to last for roughly twenty years on the news stand. That’s longer than most of the gamers swearing on Xbox Live! have been around.

One of the earliest EGMs I own. Remember who this guy used to be?

One of the earliest EGMs I own. Remember who this guy used to be? Remember when issues like this one were two hundred pages thick?!

Watching EGM go from supplying fanboy driven nuggets of info to review spreads encapsulated in hip design and a more organized look over the years has been something of an interesting journey to read through. Most of the pages were filled with more pictures than text, not that it was a bad thing during the embryonic era that the web existed as at the time. I remember it as a fun magazine chock full of pictures of games that I might never get to play, delivering snapshots of titles on systems I didn’t own, and relishing in a crazy boatload of goofy ads that the early marketing departments for game makers came up with to promote the hell out of their products.

Still, it was one of the few that I read on a regular basis during the nineties, off and on in recent years. I still liked the writing, found the articles easy to read including the reviews whose views I didn’t agree with all the time…but they were informative and interesting. Quite a few others thought the same as well so it wasn’t an all out hatefest online until they “erroneously score” a game lower than what it should deserve.

Gamepro is surprisingly still around despite all of the shake ups occuring all over the press universe and I’ve got a few of those lying around, too. Still, with EGM’s final issue, it’s feels like another turning point has been reached reflecting the changing attitudes of its audience and the accessibility of information. There’s one less reason to visit the newsstand.


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