clear skies when you bring out your dead

Still trying to get used to the whole bleeding thing in Clear Skies, but things went a lot better yesterday than they did my first day back out in the Zone. That is, only when I worked my scavenger instincts. I did a lot more exploration and tried to go as far as the unlocked areas would let me without advancing the story. The military warehouses were still locked down at the time, I couldn’t get into the Red Forest, but I could get to the Dark Valley where the Freedom faction was and head west to the Agroprom Instititute where Duty was holed up.

Doing a job for the Freedom faction got me improved “Sunrise” armor which was a lot better than the combat armor that I was given at the start of the game from Clear Skies. There was also a Stalker faction in the factory area northeast of the Agroprom and that’s where things started to really take off. See, they were under attack by bandits all of the time…either from the eastern entrance, or the west. Waiting paid off dividends.

Robbing the dead has its advantages, especially when no one bothers to clean up the mess. Profiteering in the Zone, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. way!

Robbing the dead has its advantages, especially when no one bothers to clean up the mess. Profiteering in the Zone, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. way!

The Stalkers were decently well armed with scoped assault rifles…I think with the IL 86s and AK96. One of them even had a Vintorez BC sniper/assault rifle. They held off the bandit assaults, but not all of them made it. I helped myself to what was left and made a small profit plus got a scoped IL 86 and a Vintorez out of the deal, replacing my AK96. Hey, it’s the Zone, it’s what you have to do to survive, although in Shadows of Chernobyl, I was able to actually fight for my stuff and feel like a survivor instead of a target.

Bleeding is still aggravating, and money slips through my fingers because of all of the first aid I’m forced to buy, and the AI still has telescopic vision in the dark no matter how far it is, but I haven’t had a weapon jam in a long time with either the IL or the Vintorez which is kind of a relief. After tooling around with those, I also scavenged an L85-A1, upgraded that, and can now actually stand a better chance of not getting perforated by sniping bandits with shotguns. And after advancing along the story for a bit, I put that into storage once I picked this up…

Now I have a machine gun...ho, ho, ho.

Now I have a machine gun...ho, ho, ho. But it had better not jam as often as most of the other garbage. It IS Soviet stock, so maybe I'll be able to party like it's Lenin's birthday without worrying.

I was given a job by a Duty guy to get this gun back to him. This was one of the more screwed up jobs in the Zone since the tank that this was attached to was an earlier quest objective hidden deep in the Red Forest, which meant that I basically had to backtrack all the way through it again just to get it. And the reward? Only 7500 measly rubles. That’s it? For risking my life with a small army of mutants, unpredictable blowouts, and abnormalities that suck you up into the air and blow you apart?

So I kept it and with the weight enhancement artifacts along with its devastating firepower, I can keep a sniper rifle in reserve and use this for everything else. Finally! I can actually take things out without waiting for others to do it for me, or empty entire clips because of a few bulletproof heads.

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