Street Fighter IV Collector’s Edition…wow, now that’s a CE

Kotaku reports that Capcom has changed the box art for the SF4 CE to something “more cool”, but that’s not what’s interesting about the packages pictured here (images from Kotaku also). They’re both getting different figures for the fans:

I'm not a PS3 fanboy, but come on, who wouldn't want Ryu glaring at them from atop their alarm clock like this?

I'm not a PS3 fanboy, but come on, who wouldn't want Ryu glaring at them like this as a part of their figure collection? I promise, I won't tell them about your Sailor Moon fetish...

The 360 CE comes with a figure of Crimson Viper. Who? She's a new character for SF4, but it feels like the 360 owners have gotten the short end of the stick. I'd rather have Cammy.

And who do 360 owners get? Cammy? Chun Li? No, they get a figure of the new fighter, Crimson Viper. While it's still cool and all, I kind of wish Capcom chose someone else. Neat pose, though, and I see she's got the regulation Capcom Cleaveage shot.

Both versions are virtually identical and will cost $80 on release. Both will have a movie that covers the events from SFII on to explain how everyone has gotten together for SF4. The 360 version of the movie is on a game disc while PS3 owners get theirs on Blu-Ray. That makes sense considering that HD-DVD is all but dead at this point and not everyone will have the attachment for their 360s.

There’s also a strategy guide sampler, not that veterans will want to reach for that anytime soon since they’ll be busy punching and kicking each other as soon as they can get the disc into their console of choice.

It sounds like a great deal for both consoles, despite some of the differences, as the hype machine begins ramping up for its release next year. I’m not a fighter fan myself, but I’m interested to see just what gamers are going to think when they get a chance to put this through its paces. Both veterans and newcomers should find something to like with this. If there’s one thing that Capcom’s big releases always try to do, it’s to slowly ease everyone into the new ideas that their wonder factory continues to come out with.

Can’t wait to see more!


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