Legendary file size

Huge…2 GBs worth of huge. That’s the size of the demo for Spark’s game, Legendary, the PC version, and that’s the packed size before installation.

The game stars you as a thief who was asked to steal Pandora’s Box from a New York museum. How or why such an artifact is there instead of that warehouse where they put the Ark in after Indiana Jones found it is beyond the scope of this blog, but apparently something goes wrong. Instead, it unleashes all of the mythological nasties from the past on the world and apparently imbues you with the power to absorb life force.

The action seems to be pretty straightforward stuff…it’s certainly more entertaining than Turning Point, Spark’s other game which didn’t do so hot, but the interface is boring and the weapons are pretty meh. The only things that stood out about the demo were the visuals (powered by UE3) and the creatures. Might be good as a rental, but you have to wonder why Gamestop marked it down to $30 bucks this soon in its release cycle…and that’s the console version. It hasn’t dropped as far as Wartech’s bargain basement price of $9, but it’s cheaper than Turning Point which has been out longer. Weird.

UE3 makes everything look pretty in Legendary, but not necessarily groundbreaking

Sparks' artists make great use of UE3 to make everything look pretty in Legendary. I just wish the gameplay were as good.


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