Ebay madness – Valkyria Chronicle fans weep money

Wow, looking at Ebay’s listings today for anything Valkyria Chronicles related, I see that the limited edition art book that was given away as part of the pre-orders at Gamestop are going for anywhere between sixty and eighty bucks. That’s pretty crazy, but I guess if you’re a huge fan of the game, price is no object and being a collector myself, I can understand how wallets can open up to stuff like this.

So what’s so hot about it? Well, the art book is the translated version of the one that came out with the Limited Edition release of the game in Japan which also came with an Alicia figure and a model of the Edelweiss, the title’s heroic tank. Simply getting a piece of that over here is a huge thing.

The book is actually pretty nice, but it’s something more along the lines of a program guide than an actual “book”. Still, it has plenty of nice pics, small bios on the big names, details on the world, and a set of interviews in the back. All in all, it’s a neat companion piece to a fantastic game. I’m fully expecting an official art book to be released later in Japan along with a slew of other merchandising especially considering that there’s an anime production based on the game coming out next year, but this particular book is probably the closest that we’ll have to a translated extra from the official devs…unless your Kanji skills are pretty good, that is.

Part of blame is likely the tiny number of these that went out to stores…I’ve read reports where only three arrived at any one store despite the number of game copies received. Having limited edition copies of titles isn’t a new thing in gaming, but they can usually be counted on to have a decent number to go around at the start except in this uber extreme case. I’ve also read postings from people leery of doing anything with Gamestop, especially in terms of swag that might be “kept” by the employees if they know it’s going to be hot.

I’ll admit that after reading these posts, I got a little paranoid, but found out that some of the stores may have gotten them a week or so early before the game’s official release. I got mine when I went to pick up my copy of Fallout 3, but it was kind of telling that when I actually came in for Valkyria Chronicles, I wasn’t even offered the book.

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