Valkyria Chronicles is incredible… Thank you, Sega!

I have to say thanks to Sega for having the guts to bring out an original title like Valkyria Chronicles out during a holiday season filled with me-too titles, top name FPS blast ’em ups, and sequels galore. The sad part is that I think it’s going to get lost somewhere in the shuffle between Gears of War 2, Call of Duty: World at War, Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space, and Fallout 3 which is too bad since it really is an incredible game that PS3 owners can call their own. Awesome stuff. Even if you have that Final Fantasy Tactics itch that you’ve been meaning to scratch, have nostalgic feelings whenever you hear the words “Shining” and “Force”, or love Skies of Arcadia, you owe it to yourself to find this game and play it.

When you see her on the battlefield...RUN

When you see Selvaria on the battlefield...RUN.

"So you didn't like my singing?!"

So you didn't like my singing, huh?!

Thank you, Sega! Now how about a new Skies of Arcadia? Please? Pretty please?


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