Tales of the Abyss – The first episode

Just finished watching the first episode of the animated Tales of the Abyss, and so far, I’m liking it. The animation is crisp and the characters seem to have made the transition over, keeping their moods and general personality traits intact from what I could see. Luke is spoiled. Van is a hardass, and Guy is still scared of girls, and Tear is as mysterious as ever. I have to admit, I felt a tinge of sadness when she handed over her necklace, but if you’ve played the game, you already know what happens later on. Good stuff, can’t wait for the next episode. It certainly has gotten off to a better pace than Symphonia did, but those two were very different stories with a somewhat different approach to the heroes.

I guess she won't need to be leveled up

I guess Tear doesn't need the levels.


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