Star Trek Online allows you to name your own planet…Woot!

A fact sheet on the game has shown up which sounds encouraging on the direction that Cryptic is really taking with STO. Before, I thought that the mention of Klingon captains and combat meant that they were heading into a more fight-oriented direction, where Away Teams would be fraught with peril in facing off with phasers and disruptors to stake their claim on new life forms. Now, it looks like it’s really going to capture the essence of Trek in terms of the exploration options that it will give the player, including naming newly discovered planets.

Binge Gamer was in Las Vegas for the big STO conference there where plenty was revealed to the press, and they’ve put up a bullet list of features here. Only two major factions available at the start, it seems…Federation and Klingon…but more are promised later including the Dominion. There’s also a nice trailer showing off in-game footage there. So far, it looks like the game might actually live up to the hype.

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