Wolfenstein Ghostbusting

Raven has seriously ratcheted up the kind of supernatural shenanigans that the Nazis are involved with with the sequel to RTCW that plenty of fans have been waiting for. Okay, I didn’t much care for the whole “giant undead prince” resurrection thing or the crazy B-movie monster feel that the game had gone into, but it was still fun as an FPS epic whose story was still part X-Files and part Ghostbusters…I did like the occult slant, but the boss fights left something to be desired especially at the end. It’s a historical fact that the Nazis, particularly Himmler of the SS, had something of a fetish for the occult, making Hollywood somewhat right in that department. It’s just that RTCW and its ilk have taken it to the next level, something only hinted at with Wolf 3D.

The sequel looks to continue this tradition of embracing the arcane mysteries that Himmler and the SS are delving into in order to guarantee the Reich’s prosperity. From what I’ve read, it sounds like BJ will have access to certain powers, all thanks to the Shroud…a mysterious dimension that the Nazis hope to harness through the power of the Black Sun, whatever that might turn out to be. It’s not going to be your typical WW2 shooter, that’s for certain, with the introduction and use of these powers that hail from this ghostly place that the SS are trying to subvert. It seems to lean a bit more on the creepy, magic side, while dressing up the action with plenty of carnage with an open city so I’m definitely looking forward to frying some Nazi scum with unearthly power and good old fashioned lead.

Isenstadt by, um, night...

Isenstadt by, um, night...

...and in the Shroud. Who you gonna call?

...and in the Shroud. Who you gonna call?

Vee haff vays of making you die!

Vee haf vays of making you die!


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