Vampire Rain…what the hell?

So they’re really going through with it. I watched the latest “trailer” for the PS3 version of Vampire Rain and it consists of real life actors going through the motions of a SWAT-style takedown of what can only be vampires. This is pretty deceptive stuff considering that from what I’ve read about the game, fighting vampires is the last thing that you ever want to do since they tend to kill you in seconds.

The original Vampire Rain received a vicious and brutal beat down by the critics when it was released on the 360 for a variety of issues, such as mission objectives that involve shooting evil crates, or fooling everyone into thinking that the cool “shooting” stuff you thought you might ventilate vampires with was pretty much an invitation to die often because vampires move like lightning greased ghosts. So why is it even coming out for the PS3? I have no idea, but it might be to try and recoup development costs on what is one of the worst next-gen games out there right now.

I look at this and see its impending release as a sad reminder that titles like it will see a release, while Actiblizzard can so calmly announce news that puts a game like Schaefer’s Brutal Legend potentially out to pasture.

I'm going to kill my agent for putting me in this stupid ad

I'm going to kill my agent for putting me in this stupid ad


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