Golden Axe redux

Just as Hollywood is keen to remake its own classics, the video game industry isn’t far behind. Golden Axe: Beast Rider is being remade by Secret Level which is owned by Sega. It sounds like an interesting concept and if they can actually pull it off, it could be a fun retro hack ‘n slash title packed with action. Then again, Secret Level is also responsible for the abysmal Final Fight: Streetwise.

UPDATE: Actually, according to Dogface’s post below (and Wikipedia), Secret Level was responsible only for the port of Streetwise over to the Xbox and not the entire game for which Capcom was. It’s too bad that there isn’t an equivalent “Alan Smithee” that developers can use for projects they know might be garbage, or at least another way to make the distinction clearer as a port. Despite having only two people work on it, it seems that it’s a generalization that they continue to be related to.

I haven’t had a chance to play Beast Rider yet, though. Despite the terrible reviews that it has been getting, Play magazine and comments from other players that I’ve seen on forums have said that it’s still a game worth getting into.

Bigger beasts, smaller warriors

Bigger beasts, smaller warriors


2 responses to “Golden Axe redux

  1. Capcom was responsible for Final Fight:Streetwise. It was already a finished game when Secret Level ported it for them. I know people in Secret Level, and the two people who spent their time porting it will be pretty surprised to find out they are responsible for making the entire game. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the info! Fixed the blurb to reflect that. I must have been in quick post mode when I wrote that blurb up as the articles I had read announcing it (along with the comments, both good and bad) had lumped “Golden Axe”, “Secret Level”, and “Streetwise” altogether which created their own colorful comments. Then again, I should have known better.

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