Dragon Age trailers out

Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins

Ahhh…Dragon Age, Bioware’s big original IP that RPGers have been waiting for years on. Our favorite Canadian dungeonmasters have been playing their cards close by being extremely anal about releasing any information on their high fantasy adventure, and after all of this time, we get a flat trailer.

Really flat. I mean, completely unexciting. Were my expectations too high? Maybe. After being starved of any information for as long as the title has been in development, it feels as if I had just eaten the scraps from someone’s cutting table. There was nothing there to distinguish it from every other RPG on the market aside from its title.

I know that Bioware is much more capable than this. When they teased Mass Effect in 2005, that was exciting stuff even if it didn’t go in for anything more than some text and music, but I got more out of it than Dragon Age’s generic take own its own passion. E3 is just around the corner, though, so we might get more out of it then.

I still can’t wait for more and will undoubtedly pick this up when it comes out, but whoever put that teaser together seriously needs to take a look at Diablo III’s for tips.


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