Diablo III comes out of hiding

Diablo 3

Blizzard has pretty much confirmed what many had already felt to be true…Diablo III is on its way.

They announced it in a big way with a site filled with plenty of juicy information instead of just putting in a placeholder image and saying “Coming Soon” or in providing media links that go nowhere except to lead you to another clever message saying “Coming Soon”…again. Oh, no, Blizzard knows its fans have been waiting for this news and they packed it with plenty of stuff. There are three videos to watch, wallpapers, screenshots, and artwork including plenty of lore to read over.

I always thought that the story behind the events of the game were just as important, which probably puts me in the tiny minority of those who enjoyed Diablo for other reasons, but from the hints that they’ve dropped on the site, it sounds like it’s going to be nothing short of the kind of epic that we can expect. Yes, there’s a lot to really get excited about waiting all over again, because that’s what it pretty much comes down to. No official release date has been announced, or even hinted at despite the FAQ on the site, so fans will probably be speculating on when it’s actually going to be released. Just how long the wait will be this time for that piece of information is anyone’s guess, but whenever it might be, I’ll be there.

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