Stan Winston

Aint it Cool News has a series of tributes (as do many other sites) to Stan Winston, the special effects master responsible for the cutting edge tricks as seen in films such as James Cameron’s Terminator and, more recently, the incredible Iron Man. I remember watching the Terminator and feeling how terrified it was to watch a limping, humanoid robot skeleton hobble after its prey after being blasted. They completely nailed it down and made it seem eerily…human. Awesome stuff.

I’ve seen nearly every movie that the man and his team have helped to put together with their own imaginative ingenuity, and I had just watched an Iron Man interview where he describes what they had to do in making Robert Downey Jr. an unlikely superhero. That helmet that opens up over his face? Yeah, that’s REAL. They actually built a helmet like that.

You can check the tribute out here:

Tribute to Stan Winston (Ain’t It Cool News)

Interview with Stan Winston Studios’ Shane Mahan and Lindsay MacGowan
This is really an amazing interview, lots of interesting information that you might not know about Stan Winston.

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