George Carlin Tribute on HBO

I remember growing up with his comedy act on HBO which helped make me the well rounded individual posting on this blog, and had always appreciated how much he had made me laugh while poking fun at everything we take for granted in ways that made you think. He always had something to say and was always a joy to watch as a comedian. And he had done a stint as the conductor for Thomas the Tank Engine. That last blew my mind, but there he was.

Anyways, HBO is running all of Carlin’s specials in a tribute to the man and if you’ve missed any of his comedy acts and have cable, now might be a good time to catch up on what you might have missed. There aren’t a lot of comedians that I can really watch without seeing the same jokes over and over again, and Carlin’s old school act is the kind of classic stuff that I haven’t yet seen anyone pull off in the same way.

George Carlin, and Stan Winston, both of you will be missed.

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