Recoil: Retrograd = steampunk goodness


I was doing a search on steampunkish gaming titles and found that ZeitGuyz, a development studio based on Copenhagen, was busy on creating one. Their steampunk inspired website is cagey on any details concerning their project, but it drops a few tantalizing hints in what is there. A more complete workup on the game is found here, courtesy of IGN, which reveals that it is called “Recoil: Retrograd” and will revolve around a third person shooter concept where the main character is able to travel between three different time zones.

Retrograd - Pipes

Apparently, an order called Gloria Mundi which is controlled by an aging band of Cardinals that have psychic powers and can traverse time to stop wars and basically make everything all nice and cozy in the present. Unfortunately, they’ve become corrupted and are now using their power to reshape the world into their own image.

Retrograd - Town

One of the neat things about what they said about the game was that if you save a scientist in the past, your present might be filled with more mechanical wonders such as walking steam machines that you can use in your fight against Gloria Mundi. If you save a doctor, you might become the charmismatic leader of the present-day resistance and have an army at your command. It sounds cool, almost like a mix between Dark City and Back to the Future, but grittier and more…steampunkish. Can’t wait to see what the final game looks like.

Retrograd - Church


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