Jade…is that you?

BG&E2 Teaser - Jade

Ubidays, Ubisoft’s conference focusing on upcoming games that it is working on, ended with a big surprise…a teaser for what could only be Beyond Good and Evil 2. The first BG&E was incredibly fun with an exciting story and great characters. After seeing the teaser which can be found everywhere by this point, I’m not sure what to think yet only that I’m glad that Ubisoft finally confirmed what everybody had been hoping for.

The teaser doesn’t show much, we don’t even get a good shot at Jade, but Yves Guillemot (Ubisoft’s CEO) has said that it shows off the kind of graphics quality that they are aiming at and from what was shown off, the next-gen treatment that the game is going to get is already looking good.

One the other hand, he has also said at Next Generation that the game is also going to aimed at more “casual” gamers. Apparently, the first one was too tough. Really? I thought it was a good challenge, but not impossible, and there is such a thing called a difficulty slider/setting/whatever that most every title under the sun has. I’m not sure what he means by “tough”, though. The combat? The puzzles? The puzzles weren’t too bad as far as action games went and the fighting wasn’t that rough.

If it means easier puzzles, or easier combat, that’s not going to satisfy the gamers that have been waiting for the sequel…the core crowd that put up with the challenges of the first and LIKED it for that as much as they did the story. Now, if their changes are to make it easier to access, such as in getting used to the fighting or in tightening up some of the design to make it faster to get into without compromising the basic challenges of the property, then I’m all for it.

But the downside is that I think he really means that they’re going to make this a dumbed down experience. Seeing the success of the Wii may have had a factor in this. The runaway success of Nintendo’s little box has opened the eyes of more than one developer in showing how casual titles can become moneymakers. Where does that put other titles that are revered for their challenge in as much as the experience that they follow up with each fan? Hopefully not out in the cold.

I’m still excited that BG&E is going to be have its long deserved sequel. Casual or not, I’ll be playing it.

BG&E2 Teaser - Uncle Pey\'j


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