City of Ember

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I found a trailer on this movie which reminded me a bit of Fallout, the PC game, where Vaults…giant, underground bunkers…kept people safe from the nuclear hell that was unleashed on the world in the last, great war.

City of Ember is far less dramatic and post-apocalyptic than Fallout, but the concept was still pretty cool…an underground city where the power was failing, but where the people had no idea of a world “beyond the dark”. I had no idea who built this city, or why everything looks like it could fall apart, but it seemed like a pretty interesting movie.

It sounded intriguing enough for me to buy the book and read it after watching the trailer on the official site and I was pleasantly surprised, although a few things were hard to swallow. Still, I can’t wait to see how it plays out on the big screen.


2 responses to “City of Ember

  1. I felt the same way when I first saw the trailer; I went right out and bought the book.
    I thought the book was great, and even though movies based on books are known to suck I think this movie can stand on its own. The scenery of the movie looks amazingly dark and creepy; plus the talented cast of actors such as Tim Robbins and Bill Murray will star in the film. I cannot wait till October 10th!

    My name is Blair and I am an official ambassador for City of Ember and I have access to first-look pics of the movie not seen in the trailer, which I would be more than happy to share with you. I would love to have your help spreading the word about City of Ember and get the buzz going!

    I hope I’m not over stepping any bounds by posting on your blog.
    Hope to speak with you soon.

    Blair Landon
    Official Ambassador

  2. I’m really excited about City of Ember too! The books are so great! I can’t wait to see the action/adventure come to life, especially with Bill Murray playing the villainous Mayor Cole!

    I’m an official ambassador for City of Ember, and we have a few exclusive, first-look pictures that I think you’d really like.

    Would love to share them with you and have you involved in spreading the word about City of Ember as much as possible!

    I hope posting on your blog did not overstep any bounds.

    Look forward to talking with you soon!

    Amber Baynor
    Official Ambassador

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