Two new titles, one reviving Neo Geo goodness and a tactics mashup

I was scanning through Gamestop’s upcoming releases when I saw this:

Neo Geo goodness lives

I spent hours and too many tokens on Magician Lord, Metal Slug, and Samurai Shodown when arcades were still somewhat hot and Neo Geo cabinets were as much a part of their collection as that old Galaga stand up in the corner surrounded by cigarette butts. Somewhat disappointed that Crossed Swords isn’t part of the collection, but the rest of the titles listed make up for it. Gamestop is pricing the title at twenty bucks making it a huge value for SNK fans like myself. Only problem is that it comes out at the end of the month, on the same day that GTA IV comes out. I’m still picking it up, though, as I figure I can get in some arcade love after trying to survive Liberty City. I just hope that the ports run arcade smooth and aren’t half assed.

The other title I found was a tactical game called Chaos Wars:

Tactical mashup of characters you might not have heard of, but it\'s all good?

It looks like it was released in 2006 in Japan and has only now made its way over here to the States. What caught my eye was that the game seems to be a mashup of characters from the RPGs, Growlanser, Shadow Hearts, and a few others such as Gakuen Toshi Vara Noir that most may not have heard of outside of the Far East. It sounds like it could be good and certain screenshots seem to make this out to be a fun SRPG, but I haven’t heard anything about it outside of the blurb on Gamestop, Wikipedia, and the official site which is in untranslated kanji. Will it be awesome? I have no idea, but it’s coming out next month for players hungry for another SRPG.


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