In space, there’s always prey

Prey - Space, home to the Big Door

Back in March, Steam marked Prey down for five bucks over a specials weekend and having wanted to play the game for awhile now but never having the time, I decided…why not. I’ve heard good and bad things about the game, that it was really fun and that it wasn’t anything special. I also heard about the portal tech that was used, and that you may never really have to load another game again if you die thanks to its unique take on the whole death mechanic.

I actually had a lot of fun with the game and thought it was great, but it could really get repetitive later on especially in fighting the same alien grunts over…and over…and over…again. The last boss wasn’t all that tough to beat, either, but I’m happy to hear that there’s a sequel in the works. After playing this, I’m actually looking forward to getting back into more portal invasion, strange alien vacation spots, and general galactic weirdness.

Prey – (review for the PC version)

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