in love again: Freespace 2

Freespace 2 - The Aquitaine

I reloaded Freespace 2 and took advantage of the Freespace 2 Source Code project by downloading and installing Turey’s Installer at You still need Freespace 2 for the initial installation, but Turey’s installer pulls all of the files that the Source Code project has developed including mods into the directory and sets it up to run on modern machines with plenty of incredible detail. You’re no longer tied down to 640×480. Now, with the mod installer, detailed graphics and models breath plenty of new life into one of the most iconic space sims released in the last ten years.

This is one of the benchmarks that most every space sim has been graded against, which armchair pilots whisper of in hushed tones when speaking of the golden age of the space sim, and a title that continues to bring together modders such as those behind Beyond the Red Line, a planned total conversion of Freespace 2 into an original side story episode of Sci-Fi’s Battlestar Galactica.

Needless to say, my skills need some dusting off but I’m having great fun doing it all over again. I’ve forgotten how creepy it is to step through a gate into the unknown, emerging in a nebula on the other side of the universe where you know nothing of what might be waiting there, other than that a seemingly invincible enemy may be lying in wait.


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