Monster - Character Select

I was tipped off about this fighter from Sho Kawakami, character artist for Capcom’s Vampire Savior series of fighters, who put his skills to work on his own fighting game when the series had ended. Monster features a mix of human and beastly fighters, just like the series that he had worked on with Capcom. It’s a few years old, actually, having come out in December of 2006, but it’s still a lot of fun if you like fighters.

The main site, 8105graphics, is located here so if you want to brush up on your Japanese kanji, you’ll get a better idea of what is there. The main page for the download is here. Or, you can go to the Wiki that’s been set up for it and check out the links to information concerning fighting combos, setup, and an extremely in-depth analysis of what the game has to offer fighter fans. Monster also has some sort of online capability from what I’ve been able to gather allowing you to find fighting fans on the ‘net, if there’s still anyone out there playing this.

As for me, I just wanted to try out another fighting title from one of the creators of Vampire Savior as I loved that series and Monster feels like a knock off of the old castle block. It’s good stuff so if you’re interested in a great, free, and good looking fighting game from a Capcom alum, try out Monster.

Monster - Fighting


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