Valkyries are coming to the DS to steal your soul

VP - Silmeria slashing your face

Thanks to Japan’s manga mag, Jump, the word is out that the DS is getting the third chapter in the acclaimed Valkyrie Profile series by Tri-Ace. Square Enix hasn’t come out and officially announced the game to anyone yet, but it’s a safe bet that they’re going to now that sites from IGN to forums such as NeoGAF are reporting the excitement of fans itching to get back to playing the reaper. But from the scans that I’ve seen and in reading some of the details pulled from the kanji, it seems that you won’t be playing as any of the Valkyries this time out.

Instead, you’ll play as a guy named Wilfred and apparently, he hates the Valkyries, the gods, and seeks bloody vengeance against them for some wrong using a magic feather that turns darker and darker every time he uses its power. There are also a few screenshots already out there, courtesy of those same scans, that show the game to be taking an isometric view.

Does this mean that the game will be a tactical title and not so much of an action RPG as its predecessors? A Tactics-style interpretation of Valkyrie Profile could be really cool to get into as much as the original Tactics was, but I suspect that not too many fans hoping for another RPG intensive treatment in the same style as its predecessors would be as happy. Still, it’s encouraging to see that the DS is getting more RPG love and right now, it seems to be collecting the lion’s share of RPGs in this generation so far.

Can’t wait to pick up one for myself.

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