Project Origin gets a site

Project Origin title

Monolith’s Project Origin gets its own site with a teaser trailer and some background information on the game to help set your nerves on edge for what promises to be the sequel that everyone who had enjoyed F.E.A.R. is waiting for.  F.E.A.R. was an awesome game, showcasing the new engine from Monolith as well as putting together enough creepy material to make it more than a simple run and gun shooter for a lot of players, me included. Bicycle kicking your enemies both on and offline was also a lot of fun, and so was pinning them to the wall with an impact gun shooting big, metal spikes.

The reason why I’m saying that this is more of an official sequel than the ones released by Sierra is that after F.E.A.R. was made, Monolith and Sierra parted ways. The two expansions that came out after F.E.A.R., “Extraction Point” and “Perseus Mandate”, were made by TimeGate Studios instead of Monolith who is going ahead with Project Origin. The other reason for the name change is that Sierra owns the rights to the franchise name, but it looks like Monolith owns the IP rights to the characters and the general theme of the title which can be confusing when you imagine what these games would be like side by side on the shelf.


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