Dreamcast 10th anniversary love?

Dreamcast - Fake registration
A post on the official Sega forums hints that Sega might be up to something and a link to Dreamcast.com asks if you still own one. This year would mark the ten year anniversary of Sega’s swirly eyed system and it could be that owners will have something to look forward to. Clicking on the logo brings you to…a suspended service. From what I’ve read, you can use your console’s serial number to register an account so I’ll keep trying to see if I can get in to actually get that far. To what end? I have no idea, but I suddenly have an itch to play some Tech Romancer.

Update: Turns out that it wasn’t such a bad thing after all that I couldn’t get in as, unfortunately for Sega fans, it looks like someone else is banking on their love of the little white box.  According to Joystiq, Sega has confirmed that the whole love affair is only skin deep complete with fake registration information. Other astute investigators have also taken a closer look at the site on NeoGAF, going so far as to traceroute the server and see where it was hosted which turns out to be an ISP that has nothing to do with Sega.

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