But I just bought Titan Quest….

I didn’t have any time before now to get into Titan Quest, a game recommended by many including a friend at work that was a heavy Diablo II player in the past. I liked the demo, but wasn’t sure if I really wanted to get back into the whole Diablo-esque hack ‘n slash gameplay again so it kind of languished in the back of my mind as a game I’d pick up later on. When, later became now and I also picked up Immortal Throne to add to the fun.

And then on Neogaf, someone posts that Iron Lore has closed its doors.

It might not have been the game for me a few years ago, but many other players found that it was an exciting monster killer on PCs that helped to be the balm they needed to assuage the need to wait for Diablo III. But it was a creative title that was critically appreciated with a great community behind it, and to see another talented developer forced to end its run is never good news.

Best wishes to everyone at Iron Lore in finding a way to stay on their creative feet. I’m sure they will and who knows, some of them may end up as a part of Diablo III. Stranger things have happened.


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