Forces of Corruption – A lovely afternoon

So I’m playing Forces of Corruption and can’t finish the main campaign because one of the heroes disappears. It’s the Seleaucami mission where you can send Urai Fenn to corrupt the planet. You need to build a small army and send them down with him to the planet surface in order to take it over, only he’s not there anymore. I find out that it’s a bug and that basically, because I was saving over one of my files as I proceeded in the game, I have to recoup several hours worth of game just to get back to where I was.

In the years that I’ve been a PC gamer, I’ve head to deal with plenty of crap that was released from Daggerfall’s bug infested save system to Stonekeep’s game killing bug halfway through the game where I couldn’t get ahead. I’ve lost count where I’ve had to redo everything in a game on the PC because someone failed to allocate enough Q&A. Is there a fix for this? Nope. You simply have to restart the campaign if you don’t have a save to go back on.

The sad part is that I’ve read replies to people that have had issues about PC problems that are genuinely helpful, and other replies that were basically useless. You know the kind, the ones that say “I didn’t have any problems like that” and nothing else. Well, good for them, but it doesn’t change the fact that even though RROD’s don’t happen to everyone, you should have the good sense to realize that it still sucks. Congratulations on being part of the 80% whose 360’s haven’t yet been returned. How about you program a fix for Forces of Corruption so that I can also feel as smug and self satisfied as you?

I also get the feeling that some PC players see things like this as a badge of honor, something to deal with that separates them from players that “have it easy” on consoles, giving that knowing nod when something goes wrong and treating console players like casual gamers that should know that playing is serious business and that you might find yourself technically challenged at one point.

I’ve been gaming on a PC since the eighties when I cut my RPG teeth on Apshai (I was too young to get into Rogue) and it snowballed from there. If I couldn’t play a game, I read about in CGW when Greenberg and Scorpia graced its pages with gaming wisdom, when Derek Smart’s 3000AD had first become a cover story, when reviews were reviews without scores and talked about games in the same breath as well written entertainment. I love PC gaming but as any of us will tell you, it’s a love and hate relationship with certain things…bugs being one of them. But it drives me up a wall whenever I run into one that so obviously breaks the game, making me wonder how that was missed.

This also made me reflect on how I view saves between PCs and consoles. On consoles, I keep multiple saves to experience those parts of a game that I thought were very cool whether it was a cutscene, a battle…whatever. On a PC, I keep multiple saves for almost the same thing, but mostly as insurance that I don’t get stuck thanks to a bug. Silly me thinking that Forces of Corruption, like Empire at War, would continue in the same way since I occasionally give the games I play the benefit of a doubt in that they will do exactly what they are supposed to.

I feel half tempted to go back and continue with Blue Dragon or Persona 3, or get in some laugh time with Metal Wolf Chaos on the Xbox, or getting back into Crysis or The Witcher, or loading up DOSBox to play a few golden oldies that I still have stored away. I have yet to get back into the talkie version of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. But I hate leaving something like this unfinished and if there is one thing that being a PC gamer has taught me…it’s patience.


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