Too human = Cyber-Diablo?

IGN posted a series of videos showing off a round table discussion of Too Human with Denis Dyack and his crew on the RPG systems and how they will play into the action packed setting of the gameplay along with a few others showing off new footage of what it will actually look like. I’ll have to admit that I’m even more impressed now that I’ve seen how far its come and the first thing I thought of was that this looks like what might have happened if Diablo and Neuromancer had a baby together in Valhalla.

Parts of the action also reminded of Devil May Cry, when he does the whole “sliding over the floor to strike” bit with his blades coming down on whatever the player is pointing them at. The only thing missing were red souls zipping out of the corpse, but it still looked like it could be fun. The crew go on to describe the new treasure chests that will be in the game (obelisks) and upgradeable abilities and equipment. If you decide to imbibe the cybernetic juice, you’ll benefit from huge hit points and massive damage. If you play it more by sticking to your human flesh, you’ll be rewarded with a more strategic experience but will also have the benefit of modding out your equipment beyond what you can by being cybernetic. It sounds fairly balanced and I’d like to see how it all works together in the actual game.

One other DMC-like nod was with the arena levels, special areas where players will be able to test their skills in battle to earn powerful prizes, much like how you’d take Dante into a secret mission in order to test your abilities against a crazy challenge such as not being hit while taking down a locust horde of beasts.

None of the classes were really discussed, but a lot of gameplay was shown off which looks like it could be what hack ‘n slashers could sink their thumbs into. The Diablo feel comes through with the phat loot that is apparently going to be dropped everywhere, and the RPG system and seconds-brief look at the skill trees has got me excited at what kind of character you can craft with the game.

And yet, there’s something that just keeps me from making me too excited about it. Some part of me is tired of the slashfest that the game looks like it will deliver ad nauseaum with very little else to do outside of that, much like how Dungeon Siege turned me off when I realized that was all that I was going to be doing throughout the game. The story could be solid stuff, though, and the visuals don’t disappoint from what was shown off with the backdrops and the weapons, but even so, I’m not really looking forward to simply blowing through hordes of monsters just to get to the next level if there’s nothing else that is compelling me to configure, farm, and fight my way through.

It looks good, and this is the same crew that brought out Eternal Darkness so I’m hoping that they haven’t revealed some of the juicier bits of the experience…like beastly bosses, dramatic storytelling bits, or any of the other minor rewards that I’d like to experience along with the population control…until much later. But right now, Too Human is back on my personal radar.


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