gears of war 2 announced with lame teaser

When Halo 3’s teaser came out, fans pored over every detail splashed onto the screen. The Covenant fleet, the massive structure that opened up, Cortana’s chilling epitaph in telling players that this was how the world would end…

But with Gears of War 2, instead of seeing Fenix stand at the edge of a battlefield leading the final remnants of his people against a black storm of Locust streaming out of holes torn into the ground, or something that had the same kind of impact that their “Mad World” commercial delivered with a sobering mix of music and deafening silence, we get…boring narration, shadowplay, and a logo.

Gears of War 2 - Still Logo

The most exciting part of the teaser was the release date…November 2008.

Gears of War 2 - November 2008

C’mon Microsoft, I know you can do better. I was hoping for some Locust tenderloin, if not something actually in-game to get me pumped up. Still excited, but not because of this.


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