AOU goodness

I was surfing around to see what was new in arcades and checked out some videos released from the AOU Entertainment Expo in Japan last week. Arcades are still pretty healthy in Japan compared to the withered husk that we in the States have to deal with, and seeing these titles just makes me wish that weren’t the case.

BlazeBlue from Arc System Works, the same devs behind 2D fighter Guilty Gear, shows that 2D fighting isn’t dead quite yet with a collection of new characters and some sparkly new cell sprites beating each other down. There’s a vid posted here on Youtube of the trailer which shows off some of the hyper powered anime attacks tearing everyone up and the official site shows off a few screenshots of the action like this one:

BlazeBlue - Noel vs. Jin

Street Fighter 4 was also shown off at the show at a huge booth where everyone that showed up were able to get their 2D kung fu on with other fans. Youtube comes to the rescue again with some videos showing:

Ken vs. Chun Li

Guile vs. Zangief

Ryu vs. E. Honda …Hundred Hand Slap is back in 3D

Crimson Viper vs. Abel

General gameplay

And here’s a shot of the new character, Abel, as he tries to take on Ryu (courtesy of Famitsu):

SF4 - Abel vs. Ryu

And even Samurai Shodown makes a return in 3D with Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny (Samurai Shodown Sen) with this footage showing off Galford fighting saki-mouthwash spitting Haomaru. The official site is located here and I’m pretty excited to get back into the slash ’em, beat ’em action of the series if it ever sees the light of day over here on a console or if I run into an arcade that actually has one of these units. Fat chance of that happening anytime soon.


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