Two pieces of garbage and one superhero

I sometimes wonder how the next generation could have stinkers as bad as the two that I had just played through but fortunately, Crackdown made everything all better.

Unfortunately, I had played Crackdown first before diving into the mind numbing horror of the next two.

Genki decided to leave behind their racing roots with Kengo: Legend of the 9 which crushed any hopes that I had for the game to be a spiritual successor to Square’s Bushido Blade. How can a sword game fail? Here’s the answer. The short story: play Kengo only if you want to know the true meaning of pain and suffering.

The next one up was Transformers: The Game. It’s probably safe to say that movie tie-ins are pretty much made to order, capitalizing on the film that they’re named after with few exceptions. It’s too bad Transformers actually succeeds in making fighting as a giant robot as painful as Kengo did in trying to be the ultimate digital samurai. The only parts that really worked in this rusted chunk were the music, the transformations, cut scenes, and the original voice actors from the First Generation animated series. If someone gives you this as a gift because you like Transformers, they might hate you.

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