Was rummaging through one of my old drives and found my copy of Idinaloq, an old Japanese freeware shmup that I had found years ago. It even has an intro movie, ending, voice acting, 3D graphics, and an original score to it. It’s pretty fun, reminds me a lot of the old Cave or Psykyos stuff, and can be pretty challenging if you’re willing to ignore the limitless continues that you can use. You can choose from one of four pilots (the all around overachiever, the machine, the wonder girl with ESP, and the young untested leader type) and head into a bullet bliss to save the planet, universe, or whatever it might be this side of Gradius.

The page for it is here, but if you load up the movies along with the game files, it might not run for you under XP unless you rename the folder that the movies are in, or just remove them entirely.


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