Fighting crime and being the criminal

Just finished up with Stranglehold I was really surprised at how fun the game is. Midway managed to pull out all of the stops with this and if you’re a fan of John Woo’s films, you’ll love what they did here. It’s actually the official sequel to Hard Boiled in game form complete with huge sets, plenty of action, and enough property destruction to make insurance peddlers cry at the office. It’s incredibly short, though, lasting only six or seven hours, and multiplayer might as well not exist unless you can find friends to play with as there’s nothing really out there, but it’s definitely worth at least a rental if you feel the need to practice your gun ballet.

I also finished up Kane & Lynch and it’s really worth only a rental. It’s a short game as well, but the annoyingly rabid characters, flawed gameplay, and a story that takes a nosedive halfway through the experience really made this a struggle to even get through without thinking of something a lot more fun to play. This was a something of a huge disappointment for me. I loved Freedom Fighters, but instead of updating that experience with a gritty crime drama, it succeeds only half of the time. At least the multiplayer offers something unique as long as you team up with a group of players that play the way it was meant to, but this is a title that you really won’t miss out on if you don’t get a chance to try it.

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