Catching Up

Finally managed to catch up with my writing and the games that I wanted to hit this holiday season. Yay!

Uncharted by Naughty Dog was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The demo really didn’t do it justice and the story came off a lot better than I had thought it would. Looks like Lara finally has some competition in that department. I’ve already read and heard some people calling it Uncharted: Gears of War, and it’s hard not to see how similar the cover and combat system is like, but it works. Great story, exciting action, but the main game is painfully short. If you rent this one over the weekend, you could have it done before Monday morning.

Blazing Angels 2 was also a lot better than the first one with plenty of improvements especially in the voice department. No more stereotypes here, but it also tosses out any historical pretensions that the series might have had which wasn’t as bad as you might think as long as you don’t mind how crazy it can get. Some parts of the game were very Ace Combat-ish which was kind of surprising to see, but it helped in the end as it didn’t have the degree of suck that the first one suffered from.

I also had a chance to play Call of Duty 4 which is as good as everyone says that it is. Multiplayer is especially fun, and the single player is pretty good although it’s can be finished in a sitting if you’re that determined to get through the story. It’s my pick for the best FPS this year on any platform. Infinity Ward hit a homerun with this one, and Activision’s already talking about the development of COD5. Definitely recommended, especially if you’re a huge shooter fan.

Assassin’s Creed finishes off my list for now. It’s definitely a flawed game and the repetition can test your patience. It can also be a lot of fun as it often feels as if it’s playing itself off like a high production movie. The world alone should be used for something else other than Creed as the RPG player in me wanted to explore every doorway to visit the local watering hole to get the juiciest bit of lore. It’s too bad that it really doesn’t go that far, but I can’t deny that I couldn’t stop playing it as long as I didn’t think too much about the rinse and repeat gameplay. It might not be everything that I hoped it could have been, but there’s still something there that’s worthy of at least being a rental.

I also played a bit of Red Steel and I really had to work at getting into the game. After the first few missions, I really wasn’t looking forward to more of the goofy shooting controls. I might get back into it if I have time, or when my mind isn’t wandering towards other games while playing that one. The story isn’t too bad, but the action is pretty bland and the graphics…wow. I’m not sure if it was my television or not, but my eyes were burning.

I’m also playing a little of Kane & Lynch and found out the hard way that Gerstmann, along with several other players that I’ve read opinions from, weren’t too off the mark when they voiced their own problems with the gameplay. I enjoyed Freedom Fighters and this game reminded me a bit of it, but I hate the characters. Hell, I hate everyone in this game. He’s right, there’s no one in here that I really want to pretend that I’m playing as, but maybe that might improve later on. We’ll see. The story seems to be interesting at first, but I had reached the point where it started to feel like a generic excuse to shoot more people. Maybe I should try some multiplayer as that seems to be something that could be more fun…

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