Who you gonna call?

Sierra has their new Ghostbusters site up for the multiplatform game that they’re working on getting out for next Fall. I’m excited about this one, if only because it’s bringing back most of the original crew to do the voices and script duties. One thing I’m curious about is if they’re reviving the old “Hell in NYC” script that was rumored to be the next film for the game instead. The last Ghostbusters game I played was on the Genesis and I thought it wasn’t bad. I still have fond memories of the old one on the Apple //c, starting out in a VW Ecto 1 and crossing the streams to save the world. They must have been working on it for awhile…coming out a year later doesn’t seem like enough time, but here’s hoping that they do good with this.

It also looks like that the game isn’t being developed by Zootfly, who’re working on their own IP right now called TimeO. A snag with the Ghostbusters IP killed their hopes in building a game for it, despite showing off a trailer that got everyone excited for Ghostbusters as a game all over again, but they’re using the tech on TimeO instead. Another outfit called Red Fly Studio appear to be the ones working on it.


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