Holiday Crysis

I was looking forward to picking up Call of Duty 4 for the PC, and then I read that it would have the 4-6 hour long campaign. Believe it or not, I was looking forward more to the single player part of Modern Warfare than the multiplayer even though I enjoyed the MP Beta on the 360. I had already gone through MOH: Airborne and finished it faster than I had Allied Assault, but the multi was incredible garbage, so I’m not really looking at plunking down a wad of cash for what might turn out to be a short experience even though it might have tight multiplayer. Now, that might have changed if there was co-op for the single player game…two black ops soldiers tackling multiple objectives, but I suppose Army of Two will have to take up that slack. Or a really ambitious mod. One thing that I want to know if it’s true is whether you can have as many players on the PC version multi as your bandwidth can allow.

Hellgate: London is another game that I was looking forward to playing. I finally had a taste of the beta in the past week and it’s definitely a lot more fun than the demo. Harvesting the dead for relics and other discarded toys to turn my character into a juggernaut of death was something I had enjoyed with the Diablo series and it’s there as well, but as I mentioned earlier, I was hoping they’d do more with it than give us the formula wrapped in 3D graphics. After grinding through it and trying out a few neat skills, I’ll have to say that I’ll pass on this one until later. Others may like it, but I’ll hold off on that one unless I really feel the need to grind through a post-apocalyptic version of London as a techno Templar.

Crysis, on the other hand, is something that I might actually pick up next month. The sci-fi story, War of Worlds medley, and its daring attachment to the real world via using North Korean soldiers as cannon fodder is something out of the norm. That, and it actually runs reasonably well at its highest settings on my rig. The suit also gives you a few options to play with. Should you go in and blow through that checkpoint or jump up the side of the mountain and get the drop on them from behind? I did that in the demo which was pretty exciting stuff. I might not be fighting a Soviet hardliner or killing dribbling hellspawn after my soul, but I did have more fun with it than with the COD4 demo. I guess I’m just in one of those moods where I want something akin to Crysis’ alien invasion with suped up nanosuits filling in for ‘roid rage and bulletproof skin.

Crysis Beachhead

My brother in gaming arms has also hopped onboard my blog as you’ve probably read below. With his powers of journalism, you’ll get to read up on what he’s witnessed from the dark corners of entertainment as long as it doesn’t involve being the KFC manager in R6: Vegas. Or it might. Man, I could use a Snacker right about now.

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