London is Burning

Played some of the Hellgate: London demo that was released on Thursday. It’s a pretty huge demo, weighing in at 1.5GB of demonslaying and dungeonbusting fun with a tutorial and a few of the side missions that you can play around with. It doesn’t end, leaving you to wander around and farm the torn up neighborhoods around Holborn station for more exp if you’re really into the combat. Two classes are available to try out, the Blademaster and the Marksman, although I was hoping that they’d give us a taste of the Cabalist classes for the spellslinger crowd.

It was pretty fun while it lasted, I just wished that there was a bit more to it than clicking and killing stuff. Now before you say “But that’s what it was supposed to be like, didn’t you know that it was from the same guys that did Diablo?”, yes, I did. I loved Diablo when it first came out along with the sequel which is why I’ve been waiting to see what they’ve done with it. And it IS a demo, so maybe my expectations were a little too high. But I guess I was hoping they’d tweak the formula to bring in more than just Diablo in 3D. While walking down the wrecked streets of London was pretty cool, a lot of what you see is just window dressing. You can’t go in and explore abandoned apartments, delve into basements burned out by hellfire, or try and get any of the vehicles working. My time with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. might be to blame. That game wasn’t as much of an action RPG like Hellgate is going to be, but it at least felt like you were exploring everything around you instead of getting the feeling that you were in a long corridor made up of streets or tunnels.

Still, I can’t deny that it was pretty fun slashing away at bloody zombies and collecting loot, so I’m still looking forward to getting the full version and in seeing what it has for the online crowd. From the snippets I’ve read scattered around the ‘net from those that were in the beta, it’s supposed to be a lot of fun.

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