If Diablo had Guns…

…it might be something like Sirius Games’ Escape from Paradise City. It has a few fun moments, but the combat can be pretty boring. For one thing, after you click on a bad guy, the gunfighting has everyone just standing around while filling each other with lead, and when you search the bodies afterwards, they’re not carrying the shotguns, machetes, baseball bats, or tire irons that they were beating on you with. You also can’t steal any of the cars in the game, and it’s definitely not a third person Oblivion. The graphics aren’t bad, though.

The demo takes you through a few chapters of the game, each one starring one of the three main characters that the story is set up around, and it looks like the game will have stats you can build up, experience to earn, and skill trees. Will I get it? It has some interesting ideas, but it’s hard to watch your guy basically wage a one person war in the street when everyone looks like they can soak up more bullets than Rambo.

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