Be the Dread Pirate Roberts! Arrrrgh!

The Hollywood Reporter has a blurb about a game that will help commemorate the 20th Anniversary DVD release of “The Princess Bride” which I thought was a fun movie. A teaser will be released on disc and the game itself will be available for download. This could be interesting depending on what the gameplay is like. I mean, you could get jumping action in the Fire Swamp, clubbing goodness with the Rodents of Unusual Size, dialog puzzles with Vizzini, and dueling swords with the Six Fingered Man. And if you’re really good, you might even be able to convince Billy Crystal that you weren’t cheating at cards. You could even swap between different characters, switching to the late, great, Andre the Giant for when you need to stomp on some puny bad guys.

Then again, it could get pretty silly. Remember the button mashing that you had to do to help Snake survive when Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid tortured Snake? Someone might want to work that in for Wesley’s turn on the machine that sucks his life out, you know, just to try and give him a chance to survive. Or not.


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