Another WW2 game where you’re not shooting Nazi scum

One game I’ve been keeping a watch on is Akella’s upcoming adventure game, A Stroke of Fate, which puts you in the jackboots of someone in the Third Reich that apparently has a connection to Hitler’s inner circle. No, it’s not as Tom Cruise in his film debut as Stauffenberg, and I don’t think it might be one of the other generals that wanted Der Fuhrer dead. But whoever you are, as a true “patriot of Germany”, you’ll have the chance to assassinate him in an adventure game. The last one I had played based on WW2, Wintersun, was alright but not exactly what I was hoping it could be. I’m hoping that Akella’s game could be better.

Then again, I could always wait for Operation Darkness to come out here on the States from Japan. After all, a tactical RPG that brings together panzers, resistance fighters, super soldiers, vampires, and werewolves, and giant fists summoned from the sky definitely sounds a lot more different than having another WW2 FPS on tap.

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