Dragons and the Hong Kong Express

I finally caught up with my playing and managed to get through both Drakengard 2 and Project Snowblind in the last few days. Drakengard has the dragon thing down, but I couldn’t stand the old school Dynasty Warriors-like gameplay on the ground which had my mind wandering off to more entertaining pastures…like MOH: Airborne. Still, I managed to get through it and wrote up what I thought. I tried not to concentrate too much on what I didn’t like about it as I still thought it had some fun moments, but there it is.

Project Snowblind was pretty fun on the old Xbox and I’m always a sucker for a good FPS. It was pretty short, but being some kind of pseudo Steve Austin of the Future put an interesting twist to the action. I also did a short writeup on this one since there wasn’t much that stuck out for me to comment on so if you’re interested in scratching an action itch and still have an old Xbox (it wasn’t backwards compatible with a 360 at the time I played it), Project Snowblind is a decent gem from the bargain bin.

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