What is this blog all about?
Games, games, and more games with some news thrown in for good measure. I like writing and playing games so I thought I’d do something that would combine the two. I might also throw in a few things about movies, anime, and anything else that I’m in the mood for. Anything goes, but most of the time, it’ll be about the games.

What was your first game?
As far as I can remember, it would have had to have been the Temple of Apshai for the Apple //c. Ever since playing that game, I could never get the worlds “though art frugal” out of my head.

Where did all of these reviews come from?
Most of the older reviews, such as those under the general topic categories, can be found on Shacknews where I usually lurk and occasionally post when I have the time under the moniker, SixDemonBag.

I also don’t have every review that I’ve posted listed here, as a few were solicited for use and are the property of the site, but I’ve tried to include as many of my fan based reviews as I could to try and consolidate everything in one place just to try and keep track of what I’ve written as a sort of general archive. I’ve also contributed a few reviews to Primotech, a great site focused on next generation titles for the PC and consoles such as the 360, PS3, and the Wii.

This also gave me the opportunity to clean them up a bit for better clarity (i.e. grammar mistakes), or updated with new information that I may have found out after the fact (such as the fact that Valkyrie Profile for the PS1 has been re-released for the PSP, although I had no idea that it would be at the time I wrote the piece), partly in an effort to spark items that may be of interest to gamers that would like to know more than simply what my experience was like. I try to research as many things as possible about my facts before posting a review, but I’m only human in trying to practice scratching impressions on the web.

What do you prefer to play?
I like to play anything that I think might be fun, although I definitely prefer RPGs. Near the top of the list are action and adventure titles, shooters, and the occasional RTS. Simulator-type titles like Star Wars: Tie Fighter or Freespace are also among my favorites, and there’s always the oddball title or two including some really good titles from independent devs/fans that simply love crafting their own games whether it be from Japan’s shmup scene or the Dreamcast homebrew crowd.

Are you a console gamer or a PC gamer?
I believe that both have merits, but for me at least, the most important thing are the games that I can play. Sorry, not much controversy here.

Hey! Where are the scores?
No scores, just an opinion about a game for other gamers to read. This also helps to avoid having to explain why one game is .5 better than another title when it might clearly doesn’t sound like it is in a review since everyone can have their own interpretation as to what one person says about a title. I’ve also never been very good with numbers.

Another part of this is also due to CGW. When I was younger, CGW (Computer Gaming World) was one of the early gaming mags that I read and much of my writing stems from an extreme appreciation for their early journalism (such as Scorpia’s RPG reviews) during the late eighties, to early 90’s when their reviews simply described their experience and let you be the judge of what you should play. If you simply want to know what I thought about a title, you can skip to the end and read my summary. The details are there if you want to scan over them.

Contact Information
Curious about a review I’ve done or if I’ve played a particular title? You can send me a line at world.1.1rc at gmail.com.